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Selasa, 20 September 2011


Jom kita share info mengenai warna najis bayi..kadang-kadang kita mesti nampak najis bayi kita, warna kehijauan (kalau orang tempatan di sini sebut "Senudong"), kadang kala ada juga yang kekuningan...

Greenish-Black and Sticky
AKA: Meconium
Looks Like: Licorice or Tar
A fetal stool, meconium is made of debris left over from amniotic fluid.

Yellow and Seedy
AKA: Breastfed-Baby Poop
Looks Like: Yellow Curdled Milk
Your breast-fed baby's stools are normal and will look like this until you supplement with formula or begin feeding your baby solids.

Tan and Thick
AKA: Formula-Fed-Baby Poop
Looks Like: Hummus
This is the byproduct of formula, either as a baby's full diet or as a supplement to breast milk.

AKA: Introduction-to-Solids Baby Poop
Looks Like: Leftover Guacamole
A mix of table foods, this baby poop is normal.

Watery, Brown, and Loose
AKA: Diarrhea
Looks Like: Watery With Chunks
Frequent, loud, and loose stools could be diarrhea.

Dry, Brown, and Hard
AKA: Constipation
Looks Like: Dirt, Clay, or Pebbles
Hard, pellet-like stools could mean your baby is constipated.

AKA: Artificially Colored Stools
Looks Like: Partially Digested Food
What your baby eats comes out looking much the same as when it went in.

Dark Green
AKA: Iron Supplementation
Looks Like: Thick, Dark Stool
If your baby's stool is dark green, it could be the product of iron supplementation in your baby's diet.

Bright Green
AKA: Foremilk/Hindmilk Imbalance
Looks Like: Green, Frothy Poop
Breast-fed babies who receive more foremilk than hindmilk sometimes have bright green baby poop.

AKA: Bloody Stool
Looks Like: A Hard Stool Streaked With Blood or Mucus
Bright red blood on a baby stool could indicate that your baby has small tears, or rectal fissures, around the anus.

AKA: Melena
Looks Like: Black, Thick, or Tarry Stool
Melena is a thick black stool that could contain blood that entered in the upper GI tract.

Chalky White
AKA: Abnormal Stool
Looks Like: Pale, Colorless, or White Stool
A chalky white baby stool could be a sign of a lack of bile, which normally turns a stool brown.


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